Firestone Custom Concrete Creations Inc.

For years concrete countertops have been coveted by designers and home owners for their many attributes. They are strong, beautiful, and environmentally responsible. Concrete is a huge industry itself. The many processes to make concrete countertops is also vast. This has led to many misconceptions on the functionality of concrete for our living spaces.

Today's concrete countertops are made with GFRC (Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete) to be stronger, lighter and resistant to cracking. The precast process provides a better finish and along with advances in sealers a surface that is food safe and maintenance free. 

Firestone Creations is proud to combine new technologies of GFRC, precast as well as unique production techniques which allow us

create one of a kind concrete countertops that are lightweight, durable, maintenance free as well as cost effective.

At Firestone Creations not only is our goal to provide you with Lighter, Stronger and Economical stone surfaces but we also work hand-in-hand with you to help design a surface that meets your needs, exceeds your expectations and reflects your personal taste and lifestyle.

Firestone Creations is located west of Calgary in Cochrane and services southern Alberta & SE BC. we are licenced, insured and qualified to make your project hassle free.