Rey Koop

Growing up in a large family with a modest income we learned to “make do” with what we could afford. Like most families of the time we relied on hard work and creativity to get by. For myself that spurred both an entrepreneurial spirit as well as a do-it-yourself aptitude. I credit my Dad for teaching me how to do things myself but also my Mother to instill the courage to try new things. I take pride in working with my hands as well as the satisfaction of conquering a new challenge. After a long and successful career in the rubber industry I determined that I did not want to return to “big business” but rather do something smaller and more intimate, and in an entirely different industry, My passion as an entrepreneur as well as my experience as a do-it-yourselfer in home construction, renovation, maintenance and repair came together to search for a business I could be fully engaged in.

I expanded my handyman services building fences, decks, patios for friends and family to a more full-time business. I love the concrete Path & Patio business because of the visual improvement in a relatively short time period. We arrive to a raw patch or the old and tired look of temporary blocks and leave a week later with a beautiful finished project that will last for years. The reveal of these project to the customer is my favorite part. The problem with the Path & Patio business in Canada is the lack of work in the winter months. That led us on a search for a complementary business that would keep us busy twelve months of the year.

Surface Concepts from Edmonton has pioneered the concrete countertop business in western Canada. Concrete countertops have seen a lot of change from pour-on-site to custom manufactured. While the manufactured product of Surface Concepts is still poured to the exact shape of the project with a unique color and texture selected by the consumer it is a far superior product. Superior because of the components that make it stronger and lighter. Superior because the technology to color and texture. Superior because the surface is poured perfect and never polished. Instead of grinding the pours closed so the only option is the maintenance of waxing our pours are opened up and sealed to create a beautiful and durable finished product. Firestone was able to buy the assets of Surface Concepts but more importantly a long-term technology agreement with Gregg Sommers, the founder of Surface Concepts.


Firestone Custom builds Fences, Decks and garage packages

Firestone Concrete makes Path & Patio

Firestone Creations designs, builds and installs concrete countertops, vanities, fireplace mantles and shower walls.


I am pleased to be part of this company for the products we make as well as the team I work with to deliver our products and services.


Greg Sommers

My career in stone began in 2004 when I became the Sales and Production Manager for the largest marble and granite provider in the Caribbean, based in Grand Cayman.

By the end of my tenure with this company in 2009, I was both in awe of the natural stone industry and disheartened by it. While the beauty and strength of granite is inspiring, the impracticalities of the natural stone industry are disturbing. Granite is quarried all over the world but is only cut and polished into slabs in a few countries. The raw stone is shipped via ocean freighter to these select locations, cut into slabs and polished, shipped again via ocean freighter to ports around the world, and then shipped inland where a local granite shop can provide their customers with kitchen countertops. With rising fuel prices and an increasing emphasis on environmental responsibility, the world needs to recognize that by the time a slab of granite or marble is cut into the shapes needed for countertops, the carbon footprint on that piece of stone is staggering. In addition to that, depending on how sensitive the granite shop is to limit the number of seams, upwards of 30% of the slab may be discarded.


When I returned to Canada, I took a position as Construction Manager for a company building environmentally responsible housing. At this company, I was on the other side of the table and asking myself what we should use for our kitchen and bathroom countertops? Eventually, we realized the best alternative was concrete.


Concrete, like granite, is beautiful and strong. Refreshingly while the design applications of concrete are limitless, it is mixed locally. It is formed rather than cut, so the waste is minimal, and it can be used in applications not open to stone slabs.


Traditional concrete countertops have their own impracticalities. However, the process and materials used today are engineered to be stronger and lighter. They can be formed into beautiful shapes, colors and textures, economically and quickly. The technology behind this Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete is revolutionary and gives us a practical material ideal for counter tops as well as other feature concrete accents inside and outside. For more technical information please read through our Product info tab.


I am proud to be a part of bringing the beauty, warmth, personality of this product to the local market. I am pleased with the environmental sustainability of this product. Truly the Future of Stone Surfaces!