Firestone Creations (GFRC) Concrete Countertops and Surfaces

For years concrete countertops have been coveted by designers and home owners for their many attributes: they are beautiful and strong, have an organic quality and are environmentally responsible. Despite their positives, however, they remain a rare commodity mainly due to their impracticality and high cost. Firestone Creations is proud to bring to the Calgary area new technologies in Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete ( GFRC ) and unique production techniques which allow us to expand the already vast design applications of concrete and make one of a kind concrete countertops that are light weight, durable and cost effective.

At Firestone Creations our goal is to provide you with Lighter, Stronger and Economical stone surfaces. We work hand-in-hand with you to help design a surface that meets your needs, exceeds your expectations and reflects your personal taste and lifestyle. 


Our new "Glow in the Dark" technique. 

Remodeling and Home Design